Occupancy is limited to five (5) persons.  Nobody may enter the apartment unless having previously checked in with building reception and security on the ground floor.


No child under the age of 6 may enter the apartment without prior authorization by email from the owners


For any Lease Period of 3 nights or less, only the Lead Person and persons named below may enter the apartment.  For a Lease Period greater than 3 nights, the Lead person may invite visitors who may stay overnight for a maximum of up to two 2 nights in any one calendar month.  At no time may the number of persons in the apartment be greater than 5 in number.  Extensions or alterations to this requirement are only permissible with authorization by email from the owners.


Additional Registered Occupants:


1 _____________________

2 _____________________

3 _____________________

4 _____________________



Each registered occupant and any visitor are required to present a valid ID with photo (except for children under sixteen (16) years of age) to the building reception and security.  The reception staff will keep a copy of the ID for security purposes.


In the event that persons enter the apartment without checking in first with the Building Reception and Security, or in the event that the number of persons in the apartment number more than 5, the contract will deem to have been breached and the tenancy will be terminated immediately with forfeit of security deposit in line with the REMEDIES FOR BREACH below.


The LESSOR or his authorized agent shall have the right to enter the leased premises without notice if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the terms of occupancy have been breached.  Such entry must not be prevented.