Special Offers

Extra Special...Just like you are !!

Be quick, special offers will soon be available to a wider audience on other internet booking sites.

15% Off


Special Offer Number 2022/3 

Any stay 2 full calendar months or more starting before June 10

minimum is only 5 nights

Special Offer Number 2022/4 

Any stay during August 2022


So LOW we dare not publish

So GOOD you have to ask to find out

Up to 30% Off


Special Offer Number 2022/1 

Stay at least 10 nights includes May 26, get 3 nights free

Up to 33% Off

Heading 1


Special Offer Number 2022/2 

Stay at least 15 nights includes May 28, get 5 nights free

When do we post offers?  When bookings create a sufficiently large gap in the calendar, we offer those gap dates at a lower price and a lower minimum stay.  But we always maintain two days between guests for intensive cleaning, pandemic or no pandemic.

Special Offers can not be combined

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