Your Choice, Airbnb or Direct with Owner

1. See the cost of your stay and Book directly through Airbnb to get all the assurances and peace of mind

2. Make an inquiry with the Owners, to see if you can get an EVEN BETTER PRICE

IMPORTANT - If the dates you want do not appear to be available, it is worth checking with the owners.  Not all dates are shown as available.  Just ask.  Use the Contact page.

How To Pay Less - See Below


use this link-click the picture

then enter your dates,

and number of persons

and get a price immediately

Direct with owners 

Use the contact page

to get in touch directly with the Owner

for get a lower price and request a booking

How To Pay Less

When you book with an internet booking agency you get some advantages

  1. Security of knowing you are renting from an approved host

  2. Everything is included, electric, water, monthly fees, internet

  3. There is no security deposit payment

But what are the disadvantages of an internet booking agency?

  1. The host has to include everything in the price, for example if electric and water are included in the price the host must ensure the price reflects potential high usage

  2. The host must include an allowance to cover damage and excessive wear and tear as there is no deposit.

  3. The price includes fees that the host must pay to the agency

  4. The price includes the agencies service charge to the guest

So what does this mean?  It means going direct with the host can be a lot cheaper, by agreeing to pay a security deposit, paying for electric and water as used, rather than a high estimate and by avoiding agency fees.