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Hi and Welcome

Feel free to use this blog to celebrate and inform regarding the excellence of Cebu as a place to visit and live. Let's promote what is good and give advice so everyone can get the most out of our stay.

Look further, see the horizon, it's yours to explore

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Unknown member
May 30, 2019

Whether it’s a condo that’s close to business districts, schools, malls and other key destinations in Cebu or a condo with top-notch amenities and aesthetics you’re looking for, we got you covered.

If you think you’re ready to have your own property this year, there are many new condos in the Cebu built by the country’s biggest real estate property developers that are worthy of your investment. Whatever your budget is, there’s always a condo that will match your needs and taste.If you are interested in looking for properties in Cebu,check out more on


Cebu Horizon
Cebu Horizon
Nov 19, 2018

Lots of workspace in the kitchen, aha, but since this picture, a rice cooker has been added, and a kettle, and two pots containing all the utensils you need. And before you ask the question, yes it does have a can opener, lol and a corkscrew!!

OK, let's go into details about the kitchen inventory, shall we?

Cooker with Grill ELBA model AC111825XN s/n 8022650346

Grill Tray - Blue grey color

Tray - Stainless Steel Oven tray

Tray - Black oven tray

2 plate hob ELBA

Fridge / Freezer LG Model GR-B202SQBB

Ice box

Fridge door 2 long clear plastic shelves + 1 short shelf

Fridge has 2 clear shelves and base plastic draw with clear plastic top

Cooker Hood…


Unknown member
Nov 18, 2018

Hey, thanks to the web admin for the creation of the blog. I'm from Cebu and I'll certainly enjoy everything there is see here. I was last in Cebu in April/May 2018 and I'm already starting to plan my next visit, hoping to stay longer next time. And I'm looking forward to seeing the newly completed condo, and slumping onto that wonderful bed and looking out on those fantastic views.

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